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A really simple Open Data portal for cities that don't have one.
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A really simple Open Data portal for cities that don't have one.

development setup

(if you like to use docker, see below).

This project was initially developed under Python 3, but should work under 2, too (plz test).

Use your preferred python packaging management / virtualization system. Recommendation: virtualenv

Then, follow these steps to get the app running (inside your python environment):

pip install -r requirements.txt

./ migrate

./ runserver

Open your browser at

add datasets

The datasets.models.Dataset-model is readonly in the admin, because the source of truth should be a repo like this and this app only pulls this repo and loads the datasets into the databse. See the repos for details how to add datasets there.

Clone the dataset to somewhere in your project and adjust the DATASETS_*-settings in simple_od_portal/

Then, the app can find the datasets and import them via:

./ import_from_github

theme development


All templates should go into the theme-app. See ./theme/templates/* for examples.


There is really simple sass-based css in ./theme/src/

Use the sass-compiler you prefer on your system. Only requirement: css output must be in ./theme/static/css/main.css

compile sass with node-sass

npm install -g node-sass

run watch mode:

sass --watch theme/src/sass/index.scss:theme/static/css/main.css

build css for production:

sass --style=compressed theme/src/sass/index.scss:theme/static/css/main.css

development setup with docker

  1. run migrations docker-compose run web python migrate

  2. setup admin user docker-compose run web python createsuperuser

  3. start server docker-compose up

open browser http://localhost:8000

login at http://localhost:8000/admin/


DON'T USE DJANGOS BUILT-IN RUNSERVER!! - it is only meant to use for local development. Instead, have a look at the official docs for deployment.

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