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Plex Media Server running on Arch Linux
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Plex on Arch Linux

This repository contains some options for creating either a straight LXC or Docker container.


To use the Docker version, simply clone this repository and build the image:

git clone
cd docker-plex
docker build -t plex .

You can then run the container by adding a port forward and mounting a volume
with your video files:

docker run -d -p 32400:32400 -v /mnt/videos:/videos:ro plex

CAUTION: I've not personally tried to actually view any media on plex
with such an arrangement. Additional ports may need to be forwarded for that to


To use the LXC version, you must first have LXC operational and also have tools
from installed.

git clone
cd docker-plex
packer build packer.json

This may take a minute or two. Once that's done, you'll find a new tarball in
the dist directory. You'll want to extract this tarball to a new container's

sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/lxc/plex/rootfs
sudo tar xf ./dist/plex.tar -C /var/lib/lxc/plex/rootfs

Next you'll want to copy the sample lxc configuration file and edit it to suit
your needs.

sudo cp lxc.config.example /var/lib/lxc/plex/config
sudo vim /var/lib/lxc/plex/config

In this file, you must replace [NAME] with the name of your container
(plex in the commands above). You will probably also want to pay attention
to the network configuration and the mounts at the end of the configuration

The sample configuration is set to use a network interface called br0,
which is assumed to be a bridge device, suitable for putting the container
directly onto your network, receiving an IP via DHCP. This makes it easy to
access plex from other devices on your network without having to deal with any
sort of port forwarding.

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