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Legacy Drupal site for Drupal 7 and Ubuntu 14 and PHP 5.5.9.
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Custom build for Code Koalas' Legacy Drupal deployments.

Consists of Ubuntu 14.04, PHP5.5.9 (FPM) and Apache 2.4.

Environment variables

  • VIRTUAL_HOST= FQDN of website with a "." at the beginning
  • WWW= "true" if the site should redirect to www.fqdn
  • PRODUCTION= "true" if the site is production (affects Git pulls and drupal settings)
  • GIT_HOSTS= Hosts file entry to be added
  • GIT_REPO= URL of Git repo to pull from
  • GIT_BRANCH= Git branch
  • MYSQL_SERVER= Host name of MySQL server
  • MYSQL_DATABASE= MySQL database name
  • MYSQL_USER= MySQL user name
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD= MySQL password
  • DRUPAL_BASE_URL= Base URL for Drupal config
  • DRUPAL_HTTPS= Set to on or off
  • APACHE_DOCROOT= Apache Docroot - defaults to /var/www/site/docroot
  • SESAuthUser= AWS SES SMTP username starting with 'AuthUser='
  • SESAuthPass= AWS SES SMTP password starting with 'AuthPass='
  • SESmailhub= AWS SES SMTP address, with port
  • CONF_REPO= Repo for config files (php.ini and 000-default.conf)

BASH aliases

mysqlc connects to MySQL based on Environment Variables
mysqld > file.sql dumps database to file.sql based on Environment Variables

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