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Docker HHVM + Composer

This dockerfile creates a container with Composer run with HHVM. It's based on a blog article on marmelab blog.


a) Use the prepared container

  1. load the container

     docker pull codelovers/docker-hhvm-composer
  2. copy

     wget -O ~/docker/
  3. in replace the container name in line 4 with codelovers/hhvm-composer.

    docker run -ti -v `pwd`:/srv -v $HOME/.composer:/root/.composer codelovers/hhvm-composer $@
  4. create an alias for conveniance

     alias "composer"="~/docker/"

b) Build on your own

  1. clone this repo

     git clone
  2. build the container

     cd docker-hhvm-composer
     docker build -t docker-composer .
  3. put the somewhere.

    cp ~/docker
  4. create an alias for conveniance

     alias "composer"="~/docker/"


If you have created the alias from step 4, then it's just like normal:

cd /path/to/project
composer install

Otherwise use the path to

cd /path/to/project
~/docker/ install

How to use it on Mac OS X?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Since docker runs in a VM on Mac OS, mounting volumes gets a little bit tricky. A detailed blog post will follow, but in short: use shared folders with your VM. By default the VM created by boot2docker already mounts /Users so you should be ready to mount anything underneath /Users.

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