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This is an automation of cp-local-development.
After you have installed it you can run the Zen platform locally.
Currently you have two options to use it:

Local Installation

To install cp-local-development locally, scripts exist, tested under Ubuntu 15.10.
You can download this repository and run the install script in the setup-zen folder to install Zen on your machine. If the default values do not please you, you can edit the setup-zen/ beforehand.

Docker Container

You can find the docker container at docker hub.

To install docker you can run setup-docker/ Then you should be able to run setup-docker/, which essentially does

docker run -i -t coderdojo/cp-automated-development

And it commits the container afterwards so you can work on from the version you left. Usually jut executing the container does not change the base image.

Update Container

If you would like to renew the docker image in docker hub, you can execute

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"build": true}' -X POST

It takes about 45 minutes to create the new container. It uses this repository to laod the Dockerfile.

Docker Pull Command