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Jenkins build slave for Windows Container
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As a Jenkins build slave to be connected to the Jenkins master, the bare minimum we need:

  1. Something that can run build, e.g. in our case we choose coderobin/windows-build-uwp-461 as starting point, since it can build C# portable library. We might choose other for different purpose.

  2. The Java Runtime, i.e. JRE

  3. The Jenkins slave jar, and neccessary information for the connection to be established


Current version coderobin/jenkins-slave:2.19 does not really tie to Jenkins v2.19, because the slave jar is downloaded from master at runtime. But we used this tag merely because we made both at the same time. In future we might need a better naming scheme.

Example Usage

docker run -d --ip --name build-1 --hostname build-1 --restart=always  -e "JENKINS_IP=" -e "SECRET=REPLACE_WITH_REAL_SECRET" -e "SLAVE_NAME=build-1" -v C:\Users\dong\Documents\Deployments\volumes\jenkins_slave\jenkins:c:\jenkins coderobin/jenkins-slave:2.19
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