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Jenkins 2.19 for Windows Container (base: microsoft/windowsservercore)
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Update 30/12/2016

  1. Change base OS image from TP5 windowsservercore to RTM microsoft/windowsservercore.

  2. Add a Docker Volume of JENKINS_HOME and installer will use it properly, previous image mixed Jenkins system files with those files and folders that should live inside JENKINS_HOME.

  3. Although we haven't got our own tini solution, we came up a simple_monitor.ps1 as ENTRYPOINT so that if the Jenkins service dies, the container will stop too.

Example Usage

docker run -d --ip --name jenkins --hostname jenkins --restart=always -v C:\Users\dong\Documents\Deployments\volumes\jenkins\jenkins_home:C:\JENKINS_HOME coderobin/jenkins:2.19

Best Practices

Do not expose your Jenkins container directly to the world, put an NGINX before it.

Original README

  1. Naive solution:

    One can build a Dockerfile with base image windowsservercore, and either install Jenkins by Chocolatey or manually, then call it a day.

    The problem: when the Jenkins msi installs, it will call an action to start the Jenkins windows service, and initialise all the secrets include initialAdminPassword, these files will be freezed in time in the docker image. If you build and run container this way, all instances will share the same secrets etc.

  2. The workaround:

    We made a msi transformation file noStart.mst ( it's binary ), all it does is to disable the step to call Start Service, so that the installation won't call the action. Therefore the initialisation happens when you do docker run, as it should be.

  3. Better solution and future work:

    • Try to NOT run Jenkins as a Windows Service, rather to be a foreground EXE, so that this process can be the proper docker process. ( This is effectively call Java with -war )
    • Maybe we could have something similar to tini, but we need to figure out the Unix Signal stuff.

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