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Beats to monitor an ActiveMQ instance
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Beat to monitor an ActiveMQ instance.

How to run

The easiest way to launch activemqbeat is to run it in a Docker container:

docker run codingame/activemqbeat

Configuring activemqbeat

To override the default configuration, just link yours to /etc/activemqbeat/activemqbeat.yml:

docker run -d \
  -v /directory/where/your/config/file/is/:/etc/activemqbeat \
  --name activemqbeat \

Otherwise, you could create your own image with your custom configuration with a Dockerfile like:

FROM codingame/activemqbeat

COPY activemqbeat.yml /etc/activemqbeat/activemqbeat.yml

Exported fields

Example output:

  "activemq": {
    "queue": {
      "name": "my-queue",
      "size": 4,
      "consumer_count": 3,
      "dequeue_count": 12,
      "enqueue_count": 12

To get a detailed list of all generated fields, please read the fields documentation page.

Contributing to the project

See contributing instructions to set up the project and build it on your machine.

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