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What it Does

This is a go runner for a CodinGame course. It will attempt to launch a godep restore in any directory it finds a Godeps folder in.

How to Use

In order to use this runner in your project, edit the codingame.yml file and add the following lines to your project:

      name: codingame/golang-godep-runner
      version: 1.1.0-go-1.8


In this example, the student is asked to write a method UpperCase() (file upper/upper.go):

package upper
import "strings"
func UpperCase(s string) string {
    return strings.ToUpper(s)

In order to test the answer, the following unit test is created (file main_test.go):

package main
import "testing"
import "./upper"
func TestUpperCase(t *testing.T) {
  var s string
  s = upper.UpperCase("hello")
  if s != "HELLO" {
    t.Error("Expected HELLO, got ", s)

In the lesson, the unit test can be called using:

@[Test unittest: uppercase]({"stubs":["upper/upper.go"], "command":"go test -run UpperCase"})

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