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First, this runner compiles the project thanks to maven.

At each play, it runs a specific test using the mvn test -Dtest=XXX command.

How to Use

To use this runner for your project, edit the codingame.yml file and add the following lines to your project:

      name: codingame/maven3-runner
      version: 1.0.0-openjdk-8


A Git repository example

├── codingame.yml
├── markdowns
│   └── <YOUR_LESSONS>.md
└── projects
    └── example                    #Your project root
        ├── src/main/java
        │   └──       #The stub provided to the user
        └── src/test/java
            └──   #Your JUnitTest Class

In your CS project:

public class Example {
     * This method should return the sum between a and b
    public void sum(int a, int b) {
        return 1;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
public class ExampleTest {
    private Example example;
    public void init() {
        example = new Example();

    public void testSum(){
        int a = 23487;
        int b = 240587;
        assertEquals(example.sum(a, b), a + b);

In your lesson:

@[Fix the following code so that the function DoSum returns a sum of integer]({"stubs": ["src/main/java/"],"command": "ExampleTest#testSum"})
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