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This standalone runner works with a C# NUnit Project
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This standalone runner works with a Nunit project.

First, this runner installs all dependencies using nuget install in /project/packages. Dependencies must be specified in the packages.config file at the project root. It will install the NUnit-ConsoleRunner package too. In order to be valid, the 'HintPath' for your dependencies should be ../packages, which is the default value.

At each play, it copies the user's answer and builds the project. It then runs the provided testcase using NUnit with a --where "$@" filter.

The filter syntax can be found here:

How to Use

To use this runner for your project, edit the codingame.yml file and add the following lines to your project:

      name: codingame/mono-nuget-nunit-runner
      version: 1.2.0-mono-4.8


A Git Course Example

├── codingame.yml
├── markdowns
│   └── <YOUR_LESSONS>.md
└── projects
    └── example              #Your project root
        ├── Example.cs       #Your UnitTest Class
        ├── Example.csproj 
        ├── Exercises
        │   ├── Exercise1.cs #The stub provided to the user
        │   └── <MORE_EXERCISES>.cs
        └── packages.config

In your CS project:


using Answer;
using NUnit.Framework;
using System;

namespace CourseExample
    [TestFixture ()]
    public class CourseExample
        public void VerifySum() {
            Assert.AreEqual (0,   Exercise1.DoSum (0, 0));
            /* [...] */


using System;
namespace Anwser
    public class Exercise1 {
        * This function should return the sum between a and b
        public static int DoSum(int a, int b){
            return 1;

In your lesson:

@[Fix the following code so that the function DoSum returns a sum of integer]({"stubs": ["Exercises/Exercise1.cs"],"command": "'name == VerifySum'"})


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Mono 4.8.0
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