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#Dockerfile for Mule
Based on codingtony/java. With Tomcat 7.0.54 (installed in /opt/tomcat)

Download the image from the repo

docker pull codingtony/tomcat7

Use it with your Mule application

important directories description
/opt/tomcat/temp Temporary directory
/opt/tomcat/webapps Webapps
/opt/tomcat/work Working directory
/opt/tomcat/conf Configuration
/opt/tomcat/logs Log files


Will start as a deamon, with the name "mytomcat"

docker run -d -name mytomcat -p 8080:8080 -v /somewhere/where/mywebapps/is:/opt/tomcat/webapps -v /somewhere/where/iwanttolog:/opt/tomcat/logs codingtony/tomcat7

To check the stdout :

docker logs mytomcat

To stop the container :

docker kill mytomcat

To "log" on the image and see how it's built

docker run -it codingtony/tomcat7 bash

For a more complex networking scenario, use pipework

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