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Based on: durdn/atlassian-jira. Updates JIRA version and fixes bug with database linking.

Jira Docker image

This folder contains the Dockerfile and associated files for the coenhyde/atlassian-jira docker image which aims to make it a breeze getting an Atlassian Jira instance up and running.

Database connection

The connection to the database can be specified with an URL of the format:

[database type]://[username]:[password]@[host]:[port]/[database name]

Where database type is either mysql or postgresql and the full URL might look like this:


When a database url is specified Jira will skip the database configuration step in the setup.


Configuration options are set by setting environment variables when running the image. What follows it a table of the supported variables:

Context path of the jira webapp. You can set this to add a path prefix to the url used to access the webapp. i.e. setting this to jira will change the url to http://localhost:8080/jira/. The value ROOT is reserved to mean that you don't want a context path prefix. Defaults to ROOT

Connection URL specifying where and how to connect to a database dedicated to jira. This variable is optional and if specified will cause the Jira setup wizard to skip the database setup set.

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