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$(rsyslog 8 | logstash) Dockerfile

Forward logs to Logstash or any syslog server.

This repository contains Dockerfile of the latest version of Rsyslog 8 configured to push logs to Logstash for Docker automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

Base Docker Image


  1. Install Docker

  2. Download automated build: docker pull cogniteev/rsyslogstash

Provides a /var/log/containers volume

This image forwards to a syslog server .log files available in /var/log/containers directory.

It is recommended to create a /var/log/containers data-only container, mount this volume on every application containers and make sure they write their log files in this directory.

Provides a syslog upstream server

link to a syslog container

You can link a logstash container (configured with a syslog input listening on port 514).
Make sure to name the logstash container logstash.


   $ sudo docker run -d -l logstash-container:logstash cogniteev/rsyslogstash

Specify LOGSTASH environment variable

You can also specify the LOGSTASH environment variable providing syslog server address:

$ sudo docker run -d -e LOGSTASH= cogniteev/rsyslogstash


Check the sample application using docker-compose. 2 containers are emitting logs in /var/log/containers volume, read by a cogniteev/rsyslogstash container forwarding them to a logstash container, which is emitting received messages to its standard output.

docker-compose up

Wait a few seconds, and you will see logstash containers emitting logs pushed by application containers.


The cogniteev/rsyslogstash image is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for full license text.

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