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CoinVault's base image for creating client images
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Nako block explorer

A server application to index Blockchain transactions by addresses for Bitcoin and Altcoins.
Nako exposes a REST api to query the blockchain data.

CoinVault uses Nako as a block Explorer, Nako is lightweight and uses mongodb to index transactions by addresses.


  • Language C# (using mono)
  • Auther: Dan Gershony


  • Running a full Bitcoin/Altcoin node either daemon or qt
  • Running a MongoDB instance as indexing storage
  • OWIN selfhost REST api easily documented using swagger

We user docker (with docker-compose)


Swagger http://[server-url]:[port]/swagger/


GET /api/query/address/{address}
GET /api/query/address/{address}/confirmations/{confirmations}/unspent/transactions
GET /api/query/address/{address}/unspent/transactions
GET /api/query/address/{address}/unspent
GET /api/query/block/Latest/{transactions}
GET /api/query/block/{blockHash}/{transactions}
GET /api/query/block/Index/{blockIndex}/{transactions}
GET /api/query/transaction/{transactionId}
GET /api/stats
GET /api/stats/peers

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