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Docker, Debian Wheezy base, NGINX. Sourcing NGINX from the nginx 1.9.1 repository.

To Build

$ docker build -t=colindensem/nginx -rm=true .

To Run

$ docker run -i -p 8080:80 colindensem/nginx

Go to, if using boot2docker, replace ip accordingly.
If successful you will see a Welcome to nginx output.

Next Steps

This is intended to use this image as a base for other projects to build upon. In that sense, it possibly does to much already, i.e. begins configuration tasks.

At this point it is usable to develop against for static sites, or a proxy.

NGINX is configured to look for files in /srv/application/public.

You need to map your application to that directory.

For development, you can launch using the volumes flag -v

$ docker run -i -p 8080:80 -v \
 /home/user/workspace/project:/srv/application \
 --name project \



Multiple other docker file authors, every talk, example and gist.


MIT License.

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