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Non-official Docker image for Datomic/Free edition to simplify setting up Datomic database.

Prebuilt images are hosted on publicly on docker index. Currently it's mandatory to use version tag, until i'll finish testing part, then i can will publish image tagged as latest and 'll release newer versions than 0.9.4699.

More documentation is coming soon.


Deployment version

It is used to build new docker images. As you can see, this example expects that
you have already installed Vagrant. If not, then please install it.

  1. Before running code examples, please move into vagrant/deploy folder
$> vagrant up

This command sets up proper machine with preinstalled java, docker and it downloads source code of datomic-tester for testing.

  1. Start Datomic on docker container
$> vagrant ssh
$> docker run -p 4334:4334 --rm tauho/datomic-free:0.9.4699
  1. Test locally built docker images on another console pane
$> cd vagrant/deploy

$> vagrant ssh
$> docker ps
$> docker inspect <container-id>

//is port open?
$> nmap -p 4334 -sT

//test datomic on repl
$> cd datomic_tester
$> lein repl
repl> (require '[datomic.api :as d])
repl> (def uri "datomic:free://")
repl> (d/create-database uri)
repl> (def conn (d/connect uri))
repl> (def schema (read-string (slurp "samples/seattle/seattle-schema.dtm")))
repl> (first schema)
repl> (def resp @(d/transact conn schema))
repl> (pprint resp)

Voila! It's working as expected and ready to release new version.

Demo version

It fires up Ubuntu/14.04 virtualmachine and during the first run it'll run
provision, which installs docker and pulls tauho/datomic-free baseimage from
Docker's public index.

After successfull provisioning, it will execute script "", which
will run new datomic container as daemon process.

$> cd  vagrant/run
$> vagrant up

;; if provision fails, you can re-runned it again
$> vagrant provision

;;check datomic's container on host
$> vagrant ssh
$> docker ps
 ... here will be a list of all running containers
$> docker inspect <container-id>
 ... all the metainfo

 ;; use following command to run interactive shell on the new datomic container
$> docker run --rm -i -t tauho/datomic-free:0.9.4699 /bin/bash

after successful provision you will see metainfo of the running datomic container;


Fork it, made changes on new branch and send your pull request.


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