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Collabora Online Development Edition - an awesome, Online Office suite image suitable for home use.
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With the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) Docker Image you can host your own online Office Suite at home! This Docker image is aimed at home users and contains the latest and greatest developments. Simply integrate it in your preferred File Sync and Share (FSS), to easily get your own online Office Suite up and running!

Checkout for more details on how to integrate this image with various solutions.

Dockerfile is on GitHub:

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a month ago

use nginx as proxy error

3 months ago

Hi all,
my collabora code work perfectly but only in the first tab of browser (Chrome and Edge)
if i open a document in a new tab doesnt work.
Another issue is the impossibility to open an hyperlink in spreadsheet, i need to select the cell and after i can open the link with right clic.

3 months ago


i have no access since the latest update. "permission denied"

3 months ago

How tough would it be to mark this image as available for FreeBSD?

3 months ago

Thx for the new Version, all works greate with nextcloud.
@ipsecguy, @pascalpflaum:
new Version need some changes in reverse proxy settings. See in news: Also the nextcloud documentation was updated now.

3 months ago

I concur, also got bitten by the new version having timeouts with nextcloud. So yes, please add versions and make previous released version available here.


4 months ago


I spend some time figuring out that you released a new version under the latest (v2.0.1) tag, which has breaking changes. This changes are not covered in all howtos yet. e.g. is not working against the current latest tag.

Would you please consider using version tags and document those version tags in the description? - That would have saved a lot time.

4 months ago

I'm trying to pull this image on FreeBSD 11, but it fails with a "Repository not found" message at 770.4 MB during extraction. I ran it with debugging enabled and see this in the log:

Error from V2 registry: ApplyLayer exit status 1 stdout: stderr: platform and architecture is not supported

Any ideas about how to work around this? Is it possible to just enable this image for FreeBSD? If there's a better place to ask questions like this, please let me know. Thanks!

4 months ago

I had error messages similar to the ones dam09fr was posting below:

wsd-00026-0195 0:01:27.448231 [ client_ws_0003 ] ERR Unknown resource: /lool//ws/lool/| LOOLWSD.cpp:1154

I tracked it down to my Apache reverse proxy decoding the %25 to % and then Collabora not recognising the URL anymore. I was looking for ages for a solution, as it seems like Apache is always decoding URLs and there is no way to prevent it.

Someone has pointed me to the solution to use the THE_REQUEST variable of RewriteCond, as that is the only one that is not unescaped. See here for my solution.

4 months ago

the image consists of only one layer that is 892.5 MB in size. looks like someone doesn't understand why people use docker. thanks for the garbage