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Collabora Online Development Edition - an awesome, Online Office suite image suitable for home use.
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With the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) Docker Image you can host your own online Office Suite at home! This Docker image is aimed at home users and contains the latest and greatest developments. Simply integrate it in your preferred File Sync and Share (FSS), to easily get your own online Office Suite up and running!

Checkout for more details on how to integrate this image with various solutions.

Dockerfile is on GitHub:

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20 days ago

at centos 7 starting the docker image of CODE 2.1 yields the following error in the logs:
kit-00061-00070 01:41:39.493412 [ lokit_005 ] ERR Failed to load: file:///user/docs/61/test.docx, error: loadComponentFromURL returned an empty reference| kit/Kit.cpp:1184

20 days ago

Workaround: adding a symbolic link from /opt/collaboraoffice5.3 to /opt/collaboraoffice5.1 will make it work.

20 days ago

start docker following error :
frk-00032-00032 14:03:33.291834 [ forkit ] FTL Neither /opt/collaboraoffice5.1/program/ or /opt/collaboraoffice5.1/program/ exist.| kit/Kit.cpp:1948

20 days ago

starting the docker image of CODE 2.1 yields the following error in the logs:
[ forkit ] FTL Neither /opt/collaboraoffice5.1/program/ or /opt/collaboraoffice5.1/program/ exist.| kit/Kit.cpp:1948

2 months ago

use nginx as proxy error

4 months ago

Hi all,
my collabora code work perfectly but only in the first tab of browser (Chrome and Edge)
if i open a document in a new tab doesnt work.
Another issue is the impossibility to open an hyperlink in spreadsheet, i need to select the cell and after i can open the link with right clic.

4 months ago


i have no access since the latest update. "permission denied"

4 months ago

How tough would it be to mark this image as available for FreeBSD?

4 months ago

Thx for the new Version, all works greate with nextcloud.
@ipsecguy, @pascalpflaum:
new Version need some changes in reverse proxy settings. See in news: Also the nextcloud documentation was updated now.

4 months ago

I concur, also got bitten by the new version having timeouts with nextcloud. So yes, please add versions and make previous released version available here.