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#+TITLE: fuselage

#+SUBTITLE: Simplifying Concourse Resources in Ruby

#+LATEX: \pagebreak

  • Overview

~fuselage~ simplifies development of resources for Concourse by providing
classes for standard resource steps, interface contracts between Concourse and
your resource, and clear errors for most failure conditions.

  • Implementing a Resource

#+BEGIN_SRC ruby
require 'concourse-fuselage'


Inherit from the appropriate class and implement the required methods.

** ~Fuselage::Check~

~Check~ is used to poll for new versions.

*** ~#latest~

Should return a ~Hash~ that describes the latest version. This will be called
when no prior version has been detected.

*** ~#since(version)~

Will be passed a ~Hash~ in the form ~Out#version~ returns.

Should return an ~Array~ of ~Hashes~, similar to what ~#latest~ would return.

** ~Fuselage::In~

~In~ is called for the ~get~ step of a resource.

*** ~#fetch!~

Fetch ~#version~ place it in ~#workdir~.

Should fail if ~#version~ is unavailable.

** ~Fuselage::Out~

~Out~ is called for the ~put~ step of a resource.

*** ~#update!~

Update the resource. All outputs from prior steps are available in ~#workdir~.

*** ~#version~

Should return a ~Hash~ that describes the resulting version.

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