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An opinionated and hardened PHP 5.6 with a few extras:

Inherited from php-fpm

  • Composer
  • PEAR
  • libsodium
  • zmq

Included Extras

  • suhosin


This image makes several changes to PHP in the interest of mitigating common attack vectors, and providing a more secure foundation to build on. This does not magically secure your application. It is not a substitute for vigilance and proper code auditing. It does however, require you to explicitly state when you are doing some things that often have security implications by creating an image that includes those overrides.

This image is very opinionated, and may break your application, depending on what you do.. A few of the changes are (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Many system-related functions are disabled.
  • Writable files will not be executed.
  • Dynamic loading is disabled.
  • fopen and include may not load from a URL.
  • the /e flag is disabled on preg_match.
  • Cookies are only sent over HTTPS.
  • Cookies have an HttpOnly flag set, and should not be readable on the client side (assuming the browser respects this flag, which most do).
  • Session IDs must be set in Cookies. They will be ignored in request parameters.

Preconfigured to listen on tcp/9000.

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