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Docker images running apache server and some dependencies for drupal 8 sites
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Docker image for Drupal 8 applications running Apache2 and php5; extra packages and extensions listed below - Find the apache_php5 image here

Packages installed

  • NodeJS
  • RVM
  • Drush 8.1
  • Phing

Apache2 modules enabled

  • rewrite
  • remoteip
  • headers
  • expires
  • deflate
  • proxy
  • proxy_fcgi

php5 extensions enabled

  • mysql
  • curl
  • cli
  • gd
  • imagemagick
  • memcache
  • dev
  • imagick
  • pear

Build the image from Dockerfile

$ sudo docker build --tag web ./

Run the image

$ sudo docker run --name web -d web

The _-d_ will run the container in detached mode!

Pull the image from dockerhub

sudo docker pull comicrelief/drupal8_web



If you create a new Dockerfile and will need to run a command which involves ruby, you'll need to run opening a new bash session from command line.

RUN /bin/bash -l -c "rvm use 2.1.5"
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