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Strace binary for debugging minimalistic containers
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Nothing but the strace binary--useful to mount into another container to trace the files loaded by the container's process. Avoids having to apt-get install strace and package it every time we need it.

For example, to trace the files postgres opens:

docker run --rm -it -u 1000 -p 5432:5432 \
       --volumes-from pgdata \
       --volumes-from strace \
       --entrypoint=/bin/strace \
       pgsql -e open /opt/pgsql/bin/postgres -D /var/pgsql/data

How was it created?

cd /usr; tar cp bin/strace | docker import - communitycloud/strace \
&& docker create --name strace -v /bin  communitycloud/strace /bin/strace

The assumption is that the straced image does not need /bin folder for its own use (we are building minimal images). If the /bin folder is necessary, repackage into another folder.

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