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#Make a dockerized syslog container, and pass all logs to this

  1. syslog Container-- Run the syslog container, here all the logs will be gathered, when syslog starts it creates /dev/log which will now be in the mounted host dir /tmp/syslogdev:

    docker run --name syslog -d -v /tmp/syslogdev:/dev syslog

  2. Log generating container -- Start one or more containers which generate logs to the rsyslogd:

    docker run --name foo -v /tmp/syslogdev/log:/dev/log ubuntu logger hello

  3. (a) Inspection Container -- Tail them logs:

    docker run --name seelog --volumes-from syslog ubuntu tail -f /var/log/syslog

  4. (b) Alternatively, as of docker v1.3 use the docker-exec command to inspect syslog container directly docker exec -t syslog tail -f /var/log/syslog

  5. See in the log message from "foo", show up in the "seelog" container.

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