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Genetic Association Tools
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Genetic Tool Set 1.0

Common Tools (I) used in the GWAS world for analysis and imputation. This is a WIP and will change over time

Software List

Tool Url Added In Tag
plink 2.0 v0.0.2
beagle v0.0.2
minimac3 v0.0.2
plink-1.07-x86_64 v0.0.3
EIGENSOFT 6.0.1 v0.0.4
Impute 2 v0.0.4
gtool v0.0.4
fcgene v0.0.4
qctool v0.0.4
plinkseq v0.0.4

All in /usr/local/bin and /home/genetics.

USER set as genetics

docker run -i -t compbio/genetics:latest ${TOOL}

another fat image/container - enjoy!

Docker Pull Command