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Short Description computing cores
Full Description Computing Cores is a supercomputer platform consisting of distributed cores that connect, identify themselves, & request computing work. allocates work through a Priority Job Queue or FIFO Job Queue. Workers (cores) report when they finish jobs or are banned (timeout) from accessing more jobs!

Getting Started

Update options.domain in config.json to reflect domain key provided by

npm install
npm start

The above example starts your computes core on the shared community DOMAIN_KEY=computes. You may set your domain key as an environmental variable i.e. npm start

By default, computes runs on as many cores that are available in your machine. You may override the number of cores to start by passing an argument npm start 1

You can also deploy these cores via Docker.

docker run -d -e computes/client

Each Docker instance runs as a single core. You may also run these cores in Docker Swarm mode.

Here are a few sample Docker Swarm commands:

docker pull computes/client
docker images
docker swarm init
docker info
docker service create --replicas 1 --name computes computes/client
docker service ls
docker service scale computes=5
docker ps -OR- docker service ps computes
docker service rm computes

docker service create --replicas 1 --name computes -e DOMAIN_KEY=5622b176f2fc6f4b051805db computes/client

Note: In order to process IPFS operations, you must run:

ipfs init
ipfs daemon
Docker Pull Command
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