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This is intended to grow into an implementation of the game Zendo) playable via GET and POST requests and hosted on a central server. So far only two simple types of rules (color and count) have been implemented.

Pull requests are welcome, along with other suggestions. I do not claim to be fluent in golang.

To play with an existing game server:

curl -X GET http://localhost:3000/game # see the state of the current game
curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/game/generate # generate a new koan if the current game is using the default koan (1^)
curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/game/koan --data "{\"koan\":\"1^SG\"}" # Send a koan to be evaluated by the rule
curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/game/guess --data "{\"rule\":\"1^\"}" # guess what the rule is 
curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/game --data "{\"rule\": \"2^\", \"true\":\"3^G\", \"false\":\"1^G\"}" # set new rule to a rule of your choosing (must include valid true and false koans)


To run the game server locally:

export GOHOME=<your go home path>
cd $GOHOME/src
git clone <this repo> && cd <this repo>
go install 

Game flow:

  • A player sets the rule with two koans (one true, one false) (POST /game {"rule": "1^", "true":"1^SG", "false":"1>SG"})
  • Other players submit koans (POST /game/koan {"koan":"1>SG"})
  • Players view koans and results (GET /game)
  • Players guess rule (POST /game/guess {"rule":"3^G"})
  • If guess is correct, game resets

Rules Guide


  • "G" At least one piece must be green
  • "1G" The same as "G"
  • "2G" At least two pieces must be green
  • "!G" No pieces may be green
  • "!2G" One or three etc pieces may be green, but not two pieces.
  • "GR" Nonsensical rule
  • "G,R" At least one piece must be green. At least one piece must be red. No single-piece koans will be true.


How to run tests and see coverage percentage:

go test -coverprofile=coverage.out 
go tool cover -html=coverage.out

Run just one test:

go test -run <testname>  # <- actually this is a regex running against test names

Before pushing code:

go fmt 
go test 

nomenclature: Count vs Size: count is number of pieces; size is small/medium/large

Internal Koan nomenclature:

(for development, not for playing the game)

  • koan "1^SG"
  • koan "1^SG,2^MB"
  • koanChunks ["1^SG","2^MB"]
  • koanPieces ["1", "^", "S", "G"] # should never have "," in it
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