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Confinator Speaker Service

Speaker management, call for papers, sessions etc.


Install Docker. Follow the official docs, or on macOS:

brew cask install docker

Build the container:

docker-compose build



Run the container:

docker-compose up
# or...
docker-compose up --build

Stop the container:

docker-compose down

Remove the container:

docker-compose rm

Code consistency


yarn lint

Automated testing

yarn test

Test the API

Create a speaker:

curl -X POST -F 'name=Jane Doe' localhost:3000/speakers
# or with httpie
http post :3000/speakers 'name=Jane Doe'

Get all speakers:

curl localhost:3000/speakers
# or with pretty formatting using jq
curl localhost:3000/speakers | jq
# or with httpie
http :3000/speakers


Build the container

docker build -t <registry>/speaker-service .
docker push <registry>/speaker-service

Copy over the docker-compose.yml to a swarm manager. For a local swarm use the docker-compose.local.yml.

From a swarm manager, deploy to swarm

docker stack deploy -c <file> speaker-service
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