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Confinator User Service


Install Dependencies

yarn install



There is no need to do the configuration steps below, unless you want to run with your own separate credentials.

Creating Google Credentials

Creating LinkedIn OAuth Credentials

Running locally

Rename the .env_example file to .env. Fill in your environment variables.

Create three secret files in the /secrets dir.

  • google_client_secret that contains the Google Client Secret retrieved from the Google Developer Console.
  • linkedin_client_secret that contains the LinkedIn Client Secret.
  • jwt_secret An arbitrary string that will be used as the secret to sign the Confinator JWT tokens



Run the containers:

docker-compose up

Stop the containers:

docker-compose stop

Stop and remove the containers:

docker-compose down

Have a look at the docker-compose CLI Overview for more information about the docker-compose CLI.

Code consistency


yarn lint

Automated testing

yarn test


Build the container

docker build -t <registry>/user-service .

Push it to your registry

docker push <registry>/user-service

Copy over the docker-compose.yml to a Docker Swarm manager. For a local swarm use the docker-compose.local.yml.

Create the secrets used by our service

echo "<my_jwt_secret>" | docker secret create jwt_secret -
echo "<my_google_secret>" | docker secret create google_client_secret -
echo "<my_linked_secret>" | docker secret create linkedin_client_secret -

From a swarm manager, deploy to swarm

docker stack deploy -c <file> user-service

More information

Docker Pull Command