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[DEPRECATED] The KSQL CLI with an integrated server for trial purposes.
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THIS IS DEPRECATED. See the confluentinc/cp-ksql-server and confluentinc/cp-ksql-cli images for production ready images of the KSQL Server and KSQL CLI respectively.

What is KSQL?

KSQL is an open source streaming SQL engine that implements continuous, interactive queries against Apache Kafka™. It allows you to query, read, write, and process data in Apache Kafka in real-time, at scale using SQL commands. KSQL interacts directly with the Kafka Streams API, removing the requirement of building a Java app.

How do I use this Docker image?

This docker image is part of the KSQL quickstart tutorial. Click here for instructions on running the tutorial.

We don't recommend using this image on its own because its dependencies like kafka and zookeeper are not packaged and will have to be configured. If you want to use this outside of the quickstart, we recommend following this compose file to setup the dependent services and configure KSQL to work with them.

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