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SDF Generator

Generates Nginx configuration files for Conjur Software-Defined Firewall (SDF).

sdf-gen supports three subcommands, each of which generates a config file which can be included in a
global nginx.conf:

  • global global Nginx configuration, such as the location of the “conjur” upstream service.
  • gatekeeper a gatekeeper configuration, to intercept and authorize requests. Each service should have exactly 1 gatekeeper.
  • forwarder obtains auth tokens and adds them to outbound requests. Each client service may have multiple forwarders; one for each external service that the client service will call.

Operation of sdf-gen is driven by a YAML configuration file. This configuration file has three sections:
global, gatekeeper, and forward. Each of these sections contains the metadata which is used by the
corresponding subcommand. global and gatekeeper are each a single Hash of data; forward can be a list,
since a service may have multiple outbound forwarders.


Asgard is a Netflix open source program which launches and manages ec2-based services and applications.
Eureka is a service directory. Asgard and Eureka are designed to work together; in particular, Asgard
is a client of Eureka. The directory examples/asgard contains SDF configuration
which protects Asgard and Eureka with gatekeepers, and forwards requests from Asgard to Eureka.

global section

Defines the remote hostname of the conjur service.

    hostname: conjur

gatekeeper section

Defines the inbound port and local protected service.

In addition, specifies the protected resource id which will be used for authorization checks.

  port: 80
  service: unix:/tmp/nginx.socket fail_timeout=0
  conjur_account:  demo
  conjur_resource: webservice/production/asgard

forward section

A list of forwarders. Each one specifies a listen address, and a remote service to which outbound
requests will be sent.

  id: eureka
  service: https://eureka


$ gem install sdf-gen


$ sdf-gen help
    sdf-gen - SDF Nginx configuration generator

    sdf-gen [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


    --help    - Show this message
    --version - Display the program version

    forwarder       - Generate a forwarder
    gatekeeper      - Generate a gatekeeper
    global          - Generate the global Nginx config file
    help            - Shows a list of commands or help for one command


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