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connectbtc-proxy agent

A proxy agent to connect multiple miners as a single worker to a mining pool


Docker -


docker run -e STRATUM_HOST=<remote stratum host> -e STRATUM_PORT=<remote stratum port> -e STRATUM_USERNAME=<remote stratum username> -e STRATUM_WORKERNAME=<remote stratum workername> -e STRATUM_PASSWORD=<remote stratum password> -p 3334:3334 -it connectbtc/proxy

After it runs point your local miners to the ip of the machine you have the agent running on with port 3334.

by default STRATUM_HOST and STRATUM_PORT will connect you to pool. The default worker name is 001 - you should make sure STRATUM_USERNAME is your actual username on or your shares will be registered to another user. Your connectbtc user should contain only alphanumeric characters.

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