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Cassandra 2.1 in Docker with fast startup
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Cassandra in Docker

This repository provides everything you need to run Cassandra in Docker, and is tuned for fast
container startup.


While naive Cassandra images take around 30 seconds to start, our containers take only a few seconds.
Optimizations include:

  • Disabling vnodes. We don't use them at Spotify, and Cassandra starts much faster without them
    (~10 sec).
  • Disabling something called "waiting for gossip to settle down" because there is no gossip in a
    one-node cluster (another ~10 sec).

In the box

  • connectedhomes/cassandra21

    This is probably the image you want, it runs a one-node Cassandra cluster.
    Built from the cassandra directory.

  • connectedhomes/cassandra21:cluster

    Runs a Cassandra cluster. Expects CASSANDRA_SEEDS and CASSANDRA_TOKEN env variables to be set.
    If CASSANDRA_SEEDS is not set, node acts as its own seed. If CASSANDRA_TOKEN is not set, the
    container will not run. Built from the cassandra-cluster directory.

  • connectedhomes/cassandra21:base

    The base image with an unconfigured Cassandra installation. You probably don't want to use this
    directly. Built from the cassandra-base directory.

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