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Assuming that docker is running in ubuntu.
Sometimes sudo is needed, change directory names as necessary

#Build a new docker image for fastqc using the Dockerfile from your current directory

docker build -t name/fastqc .

docker build -t conradstoerker/fastqc .

#Run the fastqc image as an interactive container:

-v sets the directory, volume, to be used, -v host_dir:container_dir
-i sets the container to be interactive, can be used to keep the container open
--name indicates the name, --name choose_name

docker run --name choose_name -i -v host_dir:container_dir image_name

docker run --name fastqc -v '/home/conrad/fastQC_docker/fastq_files/':/fastqc/data conradstoerker/fastqc

typing "exit" will bring you back to the terminal if your container is interactive

once the container has been run once, run it again by typing

docker start -i container_name

to remove the container, only works if the container has stopped

docker rm container_name

to remove the image, use -f if there are dependencies that you don't care about

docker rmi image_name

to run fastq simply type

fastq container_dir/fastq_file

#Pulling and pushing the docker image to/from the docker hub:

docker pull conradstoerker/fastqc
docker push conradstoerker/fastqc
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