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Docker container with Standard Bitrix Environment on latest CentOS 6 (based on ewok/bitrix-env)
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Standard Bitrix Environment on latest CentOS 6

Bitrix CMS contains features that require certain modules and settings. 1C provides a bitrix-env shell script that automates installing and setting everything up on a clean CentOS 6 system. This enables us to automate creation of a docker container with ready-to-run Bitrix CMS environment.


This container is mostly based on ewok/bitrix-env although the image size is smaller (1.6G => 0.9G), legacy stuff is removed, added capability to run in daemonized mode (-d) with no tty


Ports that must be exposed in production environment are 80, 443 for HTTP/HTTPS and 8893, 8894 for push notifications

Ports that can additionally be mapped are 22 and 3306 for SSH and MySQL respectively


Main volume to map is /home/bitrix/www which serves as web root

Volume that can additionally be mapped is /var/lib/mysql that holds file for MySQL database although I recommend setting NOMYSQL and running DB in separate container

Additional environment variables

  • TIMEZONE - put timezone name here, defaults to Europe/Moscow
  • BVAT_MEM - limits memory available to virtual environment in kB, defaults to 262144
  • NOMYSQL - prevents starting MySQL inside container
  • SSH_PASS - sets password for bitrix user, defaults to bitrix


This container may run both in interactive mode (docker run -it) and daemonized (docker run -d)

This container supports overriding startup command (docker run -it <name> /bin/bash), but in this case script that starts daemons won't run. So if you need to run shell inside an operational Bitrix Environment, first start the container and then use docker exec to start a shell inside it

Container will shutdown gracefully when docker stop is issued

Complete example

docker run -d --name mysite -p 80:80 -p 2222:22 -p 443:443 -p 8893:8893 -p 8894:8894 -v /home/user/projects/mysite:/home/bitrix/www -e BVAT_MEM=524288 -e TIMEZONE="Asia/Novosibirsk" constb/bitrix-env

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