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Cobbler in a Docker Container
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Cobbler in a Docker container

This repository aims to provide a fully functional Cobbler server in a Docker container.
Please refer to this blog for an explanation.

Getting Started

Adjust the configuration files in etc/cobbler.

  • In the settings file, adjust at least these settings:
    • default_password_crypted
    • manage_dhcp
    • manage_dns
    • manage_forward_zones
    • manage_reverse_zones
    • next_server
    • pxe_just_once
    • server

Use the accompanied Makefile to set it up. Issue make <target> to make the following:

build Build the image

run Run the Docker container

  • clean: Remove the docker container
  • mount: Mount an iso (currently named centos.iso) located in the dist/-directory on the path dist/centos. For use with the import target.
  • tty: Attach to a console inside the container
  • stop: Stop the container
  • start: Start the container
  • import: Import a distribution into Cobbler. Currently only Centos7. Requires a centos iso to be mounted on dist/centos, see mount target.
  • all: Build image, mount iso, run the container and import the distribution
  • vbox: Create a VirtualBox VNIC for listening on and issuing DHCP addresses. This is for testing Cobbler functionality in combination with Virtualbox VMs. Requires a working VirtualBox installation.
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