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MPICH Cluster running on Kubernetes
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MPICH Multinode Cluster

Describe how to make docker image and config Kubernetes cluster for MPI cluster. It is easy to node add/remove using ReplicationController function of Kubernetes.
This is show you a basic MPICH cluster configuration and MPI hello world application on Kubernetes cluster using MPICH3 (specifically 3.1.4).

Reliable, Scalable MPICH cluster on Kubernetes

The followings are multi-node MPICH cluster configuration on Kubernetes. It deploys a master with replicated workers.

Master Pods

Create this master as follows:

kubectl create -f mpich-master.yaml

Replicated mpich servers

Create this worker as follows:

kubectl create -f mpich-controller.yaml

Scale our replicated pods

we will add more replicas for worker:

kubectl scale rc mpich-worker --replicas=3

mpich master service

Create the service by running: Using NodePort as 32000 tcp port

kubectl create -f mpich-service.yaml

Connect to master & Basic test

$ ssh root@ -p 32000 (Any one of kube cluster nodes)
root@'s password: (root apsswrod as 'root')
Last login: Thu Aug  6 04:11:46 2015 from mpich-master
root@mpich-master:~# mpirun -f host_file -n 3 hostname


Now We have a reliable, scalable MPICH cluster installation. By scaling the replication controller for mpich worker instances, we can increase or decrease the number of mpich-worker instances and auto update for host file on master. If you want to test for sample MPI program, visit to (MPICH package installed /tmp/mpich)

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