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A build platform for Linux packages (64-bit native, 32-bit multilib)
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CentOS 5.11, with GCC 5.2 built on top. Includes Miniconda and some fundamental tools for building packages in the conda ecosystem.

There are helpful starter scripts at that help set environment variables for 32 or 64-bit builds, as well as the C++ ABI. If you do not use these scripts, your builds will default to 64-bit, with the new GCC 5 (C++11) ABI.

Code and more details are at:

Note on tag versioning:

<CentOS version>-<GCC version>-<build number of CentOS/GCC base image>-<build number of this image>

Build number of this image will change for things like updating miniconda, conda-build, or other such tools. First 3 version entries only reflect base image from that this image builds on.

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