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This is an easy way to get started with volplugin.
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Contiv Storage Release v0.3.0

Contiv Storage is the all-singing, all-dancing volumes system for Swarm and
Mesos. It provides a locking and policies subsystem for all volume types
including Ceph and NFS. The locking subsystem is used to ensure that two of the
same volume cannot be scheduled at the same time, while the policies system is
used to enforce volume compliance. Contiv Storage is best suited to large
clusters and labs.

This beta release version of Contiv Storage brings the latest features and

NOTE: this version has a bug in volsupervisor which may cause it to fail
to snapshot occasionally, but it should overall work which is why we decided to
release now. We will have a fix in 0.3.1 (about a week).

  • Plugin Name Change: the standard volplugin plugin name was changed to
    volcontiv. Documentation will been updated soon.
  • Several deprecated API endpoints were removed from apiserver.
  • apiserver now returns the full volume JSON for the copy when making a copy
    of another volume.
  • Many improvements to our general locking strategy:
    • Mounts right after restart should be more reliable
    • Mount failures should heal more appropriately and faster.
  • Volume will only be snapshotted by volsupervisor now if they are mounted.
    This occurs unless it's an unlocked volume, which will snapshot whether
    mounted or not. We feel this is more in-line with how
    snapshots should work for users.
  • New volmigrate tool for upgrading our schema to the latest version (for
    running the latest version!). There were no schema changes this time, but it
    will be expected that people run this to upgrade volplugin.
  • Validation of policy is much more strict than it used to be.
  • Backend classes: You can now specify "ceph" or "nfs" as a "backend" attribute
    which takes place of the "backends" dictionary if specified to provide a
    canned set of options for each "backends" parameter. This allows you to write
    simpler policies with the same effect.
  • Policy revisions are now kept in the database -- when you upload a new policy
    for a previously-used name, the previous version is archived. If you wish to
    read the archives you can use volcli to retrieve them.

You can get volplugin below, or if you wish to run it in containers you can try
the contiv/volplugin-autorun image:

docker run -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock contiv/volplugin-autorun:v0.3.0

Note that you must have an existing ceph installation for this to work!

If you just wish to configure volplugin itself, you can pull
contiv/volplugin. It contains
volcli, volplugin, apiserver, and volsupervisor and is tagged by release

docker pull contiv/volplugin:v0.3.0
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