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Contiv Storage: Ceph and NFS delivered through policies and throughout your cluster.
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Contiv Storage Release v0.2.0

Contiv Storage is the all-singing, all-dancing volumes system for Swarm and
Mesos. It provides a locking and policies subsystem for all volume types
including Ceph and NFS. The locking subsystem is used to ensure that two of the
same volume cannot be scheduled at the same time, while the policies system is
used to enforce volume compliance. Contiv Storage is best suited to large
clusters and labs.

This beta release version of Contiv Storage brings the latest features and

  • apiserver is the new volmaster: apiserver is now just an API server and no
    longer a master process. The master functionality has been distributed into
    volplugin itself, so it can run as an independent unit. As a result, a
    limited number of apiservers really need to be available now, instead of
    there being lots of them.
  • As a result, the volplugin now needs to communicate with an etcd cluster
    directly. We think this is a good trade to make for a cluster where docker
    depends on etcd already (f.e. kubernetes or cluster store).
  • Use jitter function to mitigate thundering herd problems for mount TTL
    refresh and a few other things.
  • Vastly improved error output across the board.
  • Unlocked and Locked mode also now apply to mounts that live on the same host.
    Previously, a locked mount could take mounts on the same host for additional
    containers. We felt this logic was unintuitive, and so made the behavior
    consistent across the board. Please report to the
    issues if you disagree!
  • volcli volume remove now takes a -f switch to forcefully remove the
    underlying volume no matter what.
  • Bugfixes:
    • If no volumes to list, do not return a "not found" error but instead give empty output.
    • Fix a map corruption in volplugin's local mount tracking.

You can get volplugin below, or if you wish to run it in containers you can try
the contiv/volplugin-autorun image:

docker run -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock contiv/volplugin-autorun:v0.2.0

Note that you must have an existing ceph installation for this to work!

If you just wish to configure volplugin itself, you can pull
contiv/volplugin. It contains
volcli, volplugin, apiserver, and volsupervisor and is tagged by release

docker pull contiv/volplugin:v0.2.0
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