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Docker appliance for ConVirt Enterprise/ConVirt Enterprise Cloud.
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This is image from Convirture Corp. of their enterprise product in docker package. You can use this image to quickly try out ConVirt Enterprise/ConVirt Enterprise Cloud products. Request trial credentials using Free Trial

Convirture Installation Page reference : ConVirt Installation


  1. Get the image
    docker pull convirture/convirt-enterprise:CMS-3.4.5

  2. Run the container
    docker run -d -t -i -p 8091:8091 --name cms-trial convirture/convirt-enterprise:CMS-3.4.5

  3. start ConVirt
    docker attach cms-trial

    In the shell prompt

    # /script/appliance/rc.local (First time Initial configuration, will take few seconds)

  4. Use ^p^q to get out of the container without killing it.

  5. Point your browser to http://docker-host:8091

  6. Now you will see a screen for license activation. Use information from trial email sent to fill in customer id and related information to activate your trial.

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