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Reference implementation of the FIWARE Marketplace Generic Enabler
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WMarket Docker Image

Stating on version 4.3.3, you are able to run WMarket with Docker. As you may know, WMarket needs a MySQL database to store some information. For this reason, you must create an additional container to run the database. You can do it automatically with docker-compose or manually by following the given steps.


You can install WMarket automatically if you have docker-compose installed in your machine. To do so, you must create a folder to place a new file file called docker-compose.yml that should include the following content:

    image: mysql:latest
         - /var/lib/mysql
        - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw
        - MYSQL_DATABASE=marketplace

    image: conwetlab/wmarket
        - /WMarket
        - "80:8080"
        - wmarket_db
    command: bash -c 'sleep 15 && run'

Once that you have created the file, run the following command:

docker-compose up

Then, WMarket should be up and running in http://YOUR_HOST:80/WMarket replacing YOUR_HOST by the host of your machine.


1) Creating a Container to host the Database

The first thing that you have to do is to create a docker container that will host the database used by WMarket. To do so, you can execute the following command:

docker run --name wmarket_db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw -e MYSQL_DATABASE=marketplace -v /var/lib/mysql -d mysql
  • As can be seen, some environment variables are set in this command to set up the data base. You must not change these variables, since their values are the ones expected by the WMarket image.

2) Deploying the WMarket Image

Once that the database is configured, you can deploy the image by running the following command (replace PORT by the port of your local machine that will be used to access the service):

docker run --name wmarket -v /WMarket -p PORT:8080 --link wmarket_db -d conwetlab/wmarket

Once that you have run these commands, WMarket should be up and running in http://YOUR_HOST:PORT/WMarket replacing YOUR_HOST by the host of your machine and PORT by the port selected in the previous step.

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