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lychee.js - Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Server and Desktop
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lychee.js Docker Mini Image

brought to you as libre software with joy and pride by Artificial Engineering.

Support our libre Bot Cloud via BTC 1CamMuvrFU1QAMebPoDsL3JrioVDoxezY2.


The lychee.js Engine installation is installed on an up-to-date
Alpine Linux base image from alpine:latest.

However, the capabilities are limited and the image can only
deliver the functionalities of the Software Bots.


1. Installation

Install and run the cookiengineer/lycheejs-mini Docker Image.

docker pull cookiengineer/lycheejs-mini;
docker run cookiengineer/lycheejs-mini;

2. Usage

Mount your lychee.js Project from your host machine into the running
docker container. Replace my-project and the /path/to/my-project
accordingly to your machine and project's name.

# Replace /path/to/my-project with correct path
# Replace my-project with correct identifier
docker run -d --name="my-project" "/path/to/my-project:/opt/lycheejs/projects/my-project" cookiengineer/lycheejs-mini;
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