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Minimalist Docker image for Ruby based on Alpine linux.

How to use this image

Run interactive Ruby shell

$ docker run -it coopermaa/alpine-ruby

This will drop you an interactive Ruby shell.

Run one line of Ruby script

$ docker run --rm coopermaa/alpine-ruby -e 'puts "Hello World"'

You will get printed "Hello World" from Ruby.

Run a single Ruby script

You can run a Ruby script by using the Ruby Docker image directly:

$ docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/app coopermaa/alpine-ruby ruby /app/your-daemon-or-script.rb

How to use onbuild image

Create a Dockerfile in your Ruby app project

FROM coopermaa/alpine-ruby:2.2-onbuild]
CMD ["./your-daemon-or-script.rb"]

Put this file in the root of your app, next to the Gemfile.

This image includes multiple ONBUILD triggers which should be all you need to bootstrap most applications.
The build will COPY . /usr/src/app and RUN bundle install.

You can then build and run the Ruby image:

$ docker build -t my-ruby-app .
$ docker run -it --name my-running-script my-ruby-app

A note about Dockerfile

  • The package ruby-dev depends on ruby, ruby-irb, ruby-rake, ruby-io-console, ruby-minitest,
    ruby-json, ruby-libs... The apk package manager will install all of them.
    Run apk info -a ruby-dev inside a container for more information.

  • Add the package build-base if you want to build gem native extesion (It will increase about 120MB to the image).
    The package build-base is similar package to build-essential.

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