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A web FrontEnd for Arduino. Real-time I/O monitoring and controlling in your browser.


See on how to setup Node, NPM and CoffeeScript, then clone
this repository and prepare it for use with:

$ git clone
$ cd node-webduino
$ npm install


Upload Standard Firmata to your Arduino. Better to change samplingInterval from
19ms to larger, for example 50ms. For Arduino Mega, 100ms is sugggested.

int samplingInterval = 50;

You'll need to adjust the name of the serial port to match your setup in the
file, then start the server using either of these:

$ coffee
$ nodemon

Then point your browser at http://localhost:3000/.

Here is a screencut of node-webduino for Arduino UNO:

Dockerized node-webduino

Suppose your Arduino is on /dev/ttyS1, then save the alias setting below to ~/.profile
or ~/.bashrc:

$ alias node-webduino="sudo docker run -d --privileged \
   -v /dev/ttyS1:/dev/ttyACM0 \
   -p 3000:3000 coopermaa/node-webduino"

Then run following to start node-webduino:

$ node-webdunio


The MIT License

Credits: Developers of node.js, Arduino, SocketStream, AngularJS, firmata and
people who involved in improving Web technologies.

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