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NOTE: The image has moved to:

This is a quick attempt to get the Nim compiler and nimble package manager
bundled into a Docker image.

The base image is Alpine Linux (see:
which keeps things slim.


Nim is compiled from the latest github source and is in: /opt/Nim

nimble is also compiled from source, but only the compiled binary is kept.

PATH is updated to include: /opt/Nim/bin and /root/.nimble/bin so both
nim and nimble will be in the PATH by default.

WORKDIR is set to /src so if you -v mount your local directory to /src you can run the
compiler directly without changing directory first.


By using the -v flag with docker run you can use this image to compile your Nim sources without
a local Nim installation. For example, to compile and run hello.nim from this repo:

docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/src coopernurse/docker-nim nim c -r --verbosity:0 hello.nim

Or to compile to a binary:

docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/src coopernurse/docker-nim nim c hello.nim
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