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This is a simple ssh-tunnel container for easily connecting to other containers / servers elsewhere via a --link-ed
tunnel container. This tunnel will use your local SSH-agent to connect to the endpoint thus no need to push your ~/.ssh/ files into
the image.


The full syntax for starting an image from this container:

docker run -d --name [$your_tunnel_name] -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent kingsquare/tunnel *:[$exposed_port]:[$destination]:[$destination_port] [$user@][$server]


  • you would like to have a tunnel port 3306 on server locally exposed as 3306

    docker run -d --name tunnel_mysql -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent kingsquare/tunnel *:3306:localhost:3306

Using as an Ambassador

This method allows for using this image as an ambassador to other (secure) servers:

docker stop staging-mongo;
docker rm staging-mongo;
docker run -d --name staging-mongo -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent kingsquare/tunnel *:2222: tunnel-user@db.staging

docker stop production-mongo;
docker rm production-mongo;
docker run -d --name production-mongo -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent kingsquare/tunnel *:2222: tunnel-user@db.production

use the links in another container via exposed port 2222:

docker run --link staging-mongo:db.staging \ --link production-mongo:db.production \ my_app start
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