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Erlang/OTP for Docker
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Dockerized erlang environments

What is it?

Docker container images that include
Erlang/OTP, along with the
rebar and
relx build and release tools.

The latest versions of Erlang/OTP R15, R16 and 17 are provided as

What can I use it for?

Use it to try out the erlang shell, as an erlang development
environment, or use it as a base image for your own erlang


  • Start a throwaway instance of the erlang shell

    docker run -it --rm correl/erlang:R17
  • Run a container to use a development environment

    docker run -it --name erlang-dev correl/erlang:R17 /bin/bash
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Comments (3)
2 years ago

@correl, you may want fix your examples, e.g., “docker run -it –name erlang-dev correl/erlang:R17 /bin/bash” to the 17 tag since R17 tag does not exist

3 years ago

@kklepper The tag for OTP release 17 is correl/erlang:17, in keeping with the new version number scheme adopted as of that release (see, which no longer uses the R-version scheme of previous releases.

3 years ago

docker@boot2docker:~$ docker run -it --rm correl/erlang:R17
Unable to find image 'correl/erlang:R17' locally
Pulling repository correl/erlang
FATA[0003] Tag R17 not found in repository correl/erlang