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A simple resweb frontend.
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Resweb's github page:

Resweb is the web frontend for a python port of Ruby Resque. In the directory you pull this image into you should have a configuration file like-so (named resweb.config):

RESWEB_HOST = "backend:6379"

Where 'backend' is the hostname of your redis container. (checkout courtney/redis for a container-friendly image) And SERVER_HOST / PORT are for configuring the web server address. In this case (Flask) is hosted on localhost through port 5000.

Therefore after running this container you will have a web frontend open at localhost:5000 from within the container, if you want to access the server from your host machine you must check your VM's assigned IP. You can check this with docker-machine by issuing the command: docker-machine ip default.

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