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Docker image resource for Concourse CI that integrates ECR token
Full Description

Docker Image Resource

Tracks and builds Docker images.

Note: docker registry must be v2.

Source Configuration

  • repository: Required. The name of the repository, e.g.

    Note: When configuring a private registry, you must include the port
    (e.g. :443 or :5000) even though the docker CLI does not require it.

  • tag: Optional. The tag to track. Defaults to latest.

  • username: Optional. The username to authenticate with when pushing.

  • password: Optional. The password to use when authenticating.

  • insecure_registries: Optional. An array of CIDRs or host:port addresses
    to whitelist for insecure access (either http or unverified https).
    This option overrides any entries in ca_certs with the same address.

  • registry_mirror: Optional. A URL pointing to a docker registry mirror service.

  • ca_certs: Optional. An array of objects with the following format:

    - domain:
      cert: |
        -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
        -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    - domain:
      cert: |
        -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
        -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    Each entry specifies the x509 CA certificate for the trusted docker registry
    residing at the specified domain. This is used to validate the certificate of
    the docker registry when the registry's certificate is signed by a custom
    authority (or itself).

    The domain should match the first component of repository, including the
    port. If the registry specified in repository does not use a custom cert,
    adding ca_certs will break the check script. This option is overridden by
    entries in insecure_registries with the same address or a matching CIDR.


check: Check for new images.

The current image digest is fetched from the registry for the given tag of the

in: Fetch the image from the registry.

Pulls down the repository image by the requested digest.

The following files will be placed in the destination:

  • /image: If save is true, the docker saved image will be provided
  • /repository: The name of the repository that was fetched.
  • /tag: The tag of the repository that was fetched.
  • /image-id: The fetched image ID.
  • /digest: The fetched image digest.
  • /rootfs.tar: If rootfs is true, the contents of the image will be
    provided here.


  • save: Optional. Place a docker saved image in the destination.
  • rootfs: Optional. Place a .tar file of the image in the destination.
  • skip_download: Optional. Skip docker pull of image. Only /image-id,
    /repository, and /tag will be populated. /image and /rootfs.tar will
    not be present.

out: Push an image, or build and push a Dockerfile.

Push a Docker image to the source's repository and tag. The resulting
version is the image's digest.


  • rootfs: Optional. Default false. Place a .tar file of the image in
    the destination.

  • build: Optional. The path of a directory containing a Dockerfile to

  • dockerfile: Optional. The path of the Dockerfile in the directory if it's not at the root of the directory.

  • cache: Optional. Default false. When the build parameter is set,
    first pull image:tag from the Docker registry (so as to use cached
    intermediate images when building). This will cause the resource to fail
    if it is set to true and the image does not exist yet.

  • load_base: Optional. A path to a directory containing an image to docker load before running docker build. The directory must have image,
    image-id, repository, and tag present, i.e. the tree produced by /in.

  • load_file: Optional. A path to a file to docker load and then push.

  • import_file: Optional. A path to a file to docker import and then push.

  • pull_repository: Optional. A path to a repository to pull down, and then
    push to this resource.

  • tag: Optional. The value should be a path to a file containing the name
    of the tag.

  • tag_prefix: Optional. If specified, the tag read from the file will be
    prepended with this string. This is useful for adding v in front of version

  • tag_as_latest: Optional. Default false. If true, the pushed image will be tag as latest too and tag will be push.


- name: git-resource
  type: git
  source: # ...

- name: git-resource-image
  type: docker-image
    repository: concourse/git-resource
    username: username
    password: password

- name: git-resource-rootfs
  type: s3
  source: # ...

- name: build-rootfs
  - get: git-resource
  - put: git-resource-image
    params: {build: git-resource}
    get_params: {rootfs: true}
  - put: git-resource-rootfs
    params: {file: git-resource-image/rootfs.tar}
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