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Node-RED visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things
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There is now an official Node-RED Docker Image so I'd suggest using that instead.

sudo docker run -it -p 1880:1880 --name mynodered nodered/node-red-docker

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a year ago

How would one go about adding new nodes - such as the arduino node - to the container?

a year ago

Faced a problem with self signed certificates. By adding option -e NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 solved the problem

a year ago

have you try to use your Dockerfile in the last few weeks ?

 # install node-red
 RUN npm install -g node-red

give an error inside container and no image can be created.


2 years ago

@lesterthomas - The default configuration is to use the hostname in the file that stores the flows. (It is explained here: - search for "flowFile"). So you get a different file for each container you start, and that may be why cou don't get your saved flows back.

I use this command line to start the node red container:

docker run --name=nodered -d -v /home/core/projekte/nodered/:/root/.node-red -p 1881:1880 cpswan/node-red

The local directory /home/core/projekte/nodered" contains a settings.js file that can be used to set the name of the file the flows are saved in.

You can get a template settings.js file here:

... and modify the line with "flowFile" - set it to a static filename. That way you allways get your flows back.

2 years ago

Question: When I add new flows to my node-red, these flows disappear if I re-start the container. How do I save the state of the flows?